325 Early Education believes that all children and their families should be treated with respect and empathy. Each child will be encouraged to develop and continue developing their independence whilst being treated equally as their individual needs are being met.

We target to prepare children for a seamless transition to school to enable them to meet all the demands of the school's challenging curriculum.

We achieve these through a professional and passionate team to deliver our program. All our Educators are committed to providing a positive atmosphere for all children and their families whilst at the Service. We aim to provide a curriculum that reflects the interests of the children, is fun and educational and prepares the children for their future of lifelong learning. We are committed to encouraging children to build high self esteem and self worth as well as being a positive role model for each and every child.

We believe at 325 Early Education that each child is an individual and has the right to be well cared for in the absence of their parents. This includes hygiene, nutrition and education.

325 Early Education 325 Early Education 325 Early Education

We recognise that children are capable of constructing their own knowledge and we promote their natural curiosity to observe, explore, question and solve problems. Play is children's work, open ended and adaptable to each child's capabilities. This gives them satisfaction in personal achievement and good self esteem when they know their efforts are respected. We celebrate with the children their personal accomplishments, reflecting upon the Victorian Early Learning Years Framework and are committed to help all children to succeed in their learning.

Educators understand that a child's competency in literacy and numeracy are essential for the years ahead and we give them the foundation that carries through into their school transition. This also includes interests of the outdoor environment where we teach the children to care for the world in which they live, including sustainability.

All educators are actively involved within the daily program, routines and environment. We recognise educators as a resource with the knowledge that they bring to the service. Educators are able to adapt the environment to include everyone, support children's social growth so it gives the children a sense of belonging , mutual trust and a happy environment for them to spend their day.

Assessment & Ratings
325 Early Education Craigieburn is Working Towards the National Quality Standards (NQS). We strive to provide each and every child with a High Quality Educational Program that best suits their needs and interests for their future of lifelong learning.


325 Early Education
We provide educational Kindergarten Programs for children aged 3 to 5y.o. in the kinder room. A step-up program is also provided for a small group of children aged between 2-3 in the toddler room.
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325 Early Education
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325 Early Education
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