About Us

325 Early Education 2019

We are a 38 place mixed age grouping, privately owned Early Learning Centre in Craigieburn that pride ourselves on providing a unique way of educating and caring for children.

We have experienced Educators who have been dedicated to our service for many years and are from diverse backgrounds including Indian, Chinese, Greek, Iraqi, Australian, New Zealand and Laos.

Our Kindergarten Teacher Konstantina with 10 year’s experience is also a Primary and High School Teacher. Her passion is educating and developing relationships with children and their families while fostering their learning in preparation for school.

We support and welcome Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and share their values.

325 Early Education 2019
Benefits for children

Social and emotional development – Older children take on the role of settling younger children and helping them to feel safe and secure in the new environment. Also siblings are able to settle easier and smoother being together with familiar peers.

Language development- exposure to broader range of language of older peers and quite often children’s language develops more rapidly than if they were only in a room with same aged peers.

Physical and cognitive development – children are able to learn at their own pace where they have exposure to resources and equipment for various ages and development. Children learn from their peers and by observing children who are at a higher development stage or age, they develop confidence to attempt without being embarrassed or have a sense of failure. Children learn to accept others abilities and have respect that everyone is different.

Fewer behavioural problems – children of various ages don’t have to compete for resources, equipment as they have different interests.

325 Early Education 2019

Fees are inclusive of specialist programs, incursions and excursions and meals. Fees are charged at $112.50 per day before Child Care Subsidy (CCS) has been applied.

Families are required to complete the online Child Care Subsidy assessment via myGov website prior to starting at the Service. This will determine your eligibility and level of Child Care Subsidy entitlement.

On enrolment we will need the CRN of the person linked with the child, along with the child’s CRN so we can ensure that you are receiving the appropriate subsidy.

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Child Care Subsidy is a means-tested subsidy paid directly to the Service as a fee reduction. There are 3 factors that will determine a family’s level of Child Care Subsidy, which include:

1. Combined Family Income
2. Activity Test for both parents
3. Service Type

Transitioning to Child Care Subsidy requires families to provide information and confirm current details by using your Centrelink online account through myGov. Here you will be asked to provide your combined family income estimate for the financial year, hours of recognised activity including work, training, study and volunteering and the type of child care your family uses.

325 Early Education 2019
Flexible hours to reduce costs (CCS?)

At our centre, we use flexible hours for families. Families are free to choose which hours best suit their needs. You can choose from our 8- hour, 9-hour, 10-hour or 12 hour sessions and make the most out of the childcare subsidy. This is designed to reduce out of pocket costs and increase access to subsidised hours. Please enquire to calculate the best option for you.

325 Early Education 2019

We provide meals from Kids Gourmet Food that have providing fresh nutritious food to childcare centres since the year 2002.

They understand child care centres are made up of a wonderful mix of culturally diverse children, and the menus are professionally catered to reflect this.

Kids Gourmet Food also include meals for dietary requirements and all meals are Halal.